The egg white I had made me hungrier later in the evening. Normally protein acts as an appetite suppressant but I think a switch was flipped in my brain that said: “ok, eating time now!” and my stomach grumbled near bedtime. Still, I went to bed, slept like a log, woke up and wasn’t hungry. In fact, I got to 11am before having any food (a banana).

Cycling into work this morning was sheer joy. It was the first truly warm spring day so far this morning and I was full of beans. It felt good to be on the bicycle with the sun on my face and the wind in my hair.  I was racing up the hills with tons of energy, too.   I only managed 14 push ups (most achieved so far is 24) this morning but I’m sure that’s just because I’ve not done any strength training at all this week. I’m sure I can get back to the twenties again.

My weights are bouncing around the same old numbers a lot. The numbers 142.2  and 143.8 seem to be popular  for food and fast days respectively. It’s like a ping pong game. Still, if my body needs a plateau to sort itself out, learn to adjust to my newer lower weight, then so be it. As long as it doesn’t go up, I’m happy.  Plateaus are frustrating but since I’m going to be alternate day fasting for life anyway, what’s the hurry? I’ll just be whatever weight I end up at with this way of eating. As long as it’s not an unhealthy weight, it doesn’t matter  (although to be a size smaller would be nice).

It’s been a light day as far as eating’s concerned. I hope that doesn’t leave me famished tomorrow. I decided to have a bagel rather than the soup, as I know we’re having soup for dinner. I can’t consume only liquids all day. I need something to chew on. Hence the bagel.

Eats: 2  milk-tea | water | 1 lime & soda | 1 banana | 1 orange | 1 chicken salad bagel | extra strong mints |  1 asparagus & parmesan tart haddock chowder | apricot cheesecake |

Exercise: commute in with sunshine (and oodles of energy)| 14 push ups| commute home | salsa lesson in town