143.62 average

Because I’ve had several easy fast days recently, when going to bed at the end of a food day I feel much more relaxed about the fast day coming up. In the past I was sometimes a little bit anxious about the whole day’s fasting up ahead but this week has been really easy. No trepidation at all and I’m enjoying the fasting much more now than I did about a month ago.

My weight this month has been extremely stable. I’ve not lost very much and so I’m considering myself on a bit of a plateau but that’s ok with me. Those pink peaks are where my weight has gone above the average line. This drags the line upwards. I had a week where I just wasn’t fasting every day (I’d have a smallish meal -what I called a fastish day) and then I started fasting properly again. That’s where you can see the deeper green points, which draw the trendline down again (here it’s only very very slightly downward).

I am beginning to like how my body feels and looks. I’m still a pearshape and can’t wear whatever I want, but if I accept that I will never be able to just wear anything and instead have to find things that suit my shape, then I’ll be a much happier bunny. It’s better that than wasting my time and energy fretting about the perfect body I’ll never have. That’s not a weight issue, that’s a shape issue.

It helps considerably that today and yesterday have been days I have taken off work, so I don’t have to do anything strenuous. That makes fasting a bit easier. Cycling to work and back the morning after a fast day can be quite hard. It’s not as if I have a huge commuting distance (it’s only 12 miles both ways) but some of the hills just feel harder when I’ve been fasting the day before. I am hoping that over time my body will get used to the regime and be able to draw on energy suppplies elsewhere (fat metabolised through the liver or spare pockets of glycogen as reserves). An article in one of TSC’s cycle magazines suggested as part of cyling training to skip dinner and breakfast and then go on a long, hard ride to force the body to cycle despite depleted glycogen. Doing this once in a while is meant to promote the body’s ability draw on energy reserves more effectively.

I cooked TSC a cream of onion soup and it used on egg yolk. Although today is a fast day I figured it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I dropped the egg white into a pan and made a mini omelette. I think an egg white is about 12 calories of pure protein. Not exactly a blowout.

Eats: 1 milk tea | 1 hot water w/lemon | water|  1 egg white

Exercise: none