143.60 average (down 0.5lbs from last week)

My morning weights seem to be bouncing around the same old numbers but despite that, I’ve now brought my average weight down to its lowest level so far. It’s now below the previous lowest of 143.67lbs. That’s quite nice, considering I can’t seem to get my actual numbers to below 140. (I’ve had a couple of mornings where I’ve been to 141 point something only to bounce back up again the next few days. It’s like I’m being teased with these threshold numbers but then my body weight twangs back up like on an elastic). Still. It doesn’t matter what I weighed last week, what matters is today. Those very low numbers might have been inaccurate for a number of reasons and being slightly higher today than last week doesn’t mean I’m not doing well.

Anyway, yesterday’s fast was just too easy. I even cooked dinner for TSC while fasting and wasn’t tempted to have any. Today is a food day and a we’ll go for a run this evening but I’ve not got any food plans for today. I have no idea what I want for lunch. I just know it has to be good and worth it (no point in wasting a precious meal on rubbish food) but now that I’ve had breakfast, I’ve got no hunger whatsoever. Just typical! When you can eat, you’re too full!

I had some of the fresh loaf I made this morning: garlic and rosemary bread. I had it with cheese – deeeeelish!

Eats: 4 milk-tea | water | 1 toast w/cherry jam| 1 toast w/almond nut butter| garlic & rosemary bread w/butter and cheese| liquorice | rhubarb yoghurt | lamb curry with the works| apricot cheesecake (that didn’t set properly)

Exercise: cycle into town | short run (stitch)