143.76 average

My oh MY what a weight gain. 144.2 lbs is really unexpected. After being only 141.8 yesterday I was expecting to be 143ish or so.

However, physicsdiet saves the day once more: The week’s summary reveals that I gained (in my averages) 0.02lbs (I was 143.74 average this time last week) but other than weight I also track my fat percentage. This has gone DOWN despite my weight going up

Calculating how much of me is fat using the percentage, physicsdiet says that over the past week the changes have been:

Lean Mass  +0.18lbs

Fat Mass  -0.16lbs

So this week I gained weight but got leaner. That’s great news. If I were to look at only my weight, I’d be on a plateau but I can see there are some changes going on in body composition. This might be because Ive been incorporating some (basic) strength training into my regime a little, or it might be just the resetting the body seems to need to do (which is what I suspect weightloss plateaus are all about).

When I stood on the scales this morning (before knowing about the loss of fat mass despite it) I did initially feel my heart sink a little “oh man, one hundred and forty four?!!”. This was, however, immediately followed by  a ‘so what’. I felt that today being a fast day meant I was still capable of changing the numbers in time for tomorrow’s weigh in, so I didn’t feel so bad. I only feel bad when I think it’s my fault (such as not fasting properly on a fast day) or that I have no means of changing it (such as having to eat that day, and knowing that means the numbers’ll go even higher).

The fast day today has been SO easy, SUCH a piece of cake (erm, figuratively) that when TSC had his dinner (including some tempeh we made over the weekend – fermenting the little beans in the warm attic now that the weather is more spring-like) that I cooked up the tempeh for him, feeling completely not tempted by the food. (For the record, I flippin’ LOVE tempeh. It’s the best kept secret from Indonesia – how is this food not more popular/well-known?!?!?!)

I cooked the tempeh, served up his dinner and sat with him while he ate, feeling not the slightest bit hard done by or hungry. I like it when a fast day is this easy. It reassures me this I can sustain this forever. If this were torture, I’d say “life’s too short” (and ironically, not short enough when fasting if the findings on ADF’s effects on longevity are to be believed).  I’m not willing to make myself unhappy to pursue an ideal that will in itself not be enough to make me happy. The price is too high. No Deal.

So, having an easy day where fasting is no harder than had I eaten that day makes me feel optimistic about ADF for the long term (it certainly beats the misery of counting calories – ugh!). Also, the fasting has its own immediate reward that is not linked to weightloss: when I fast I feel great! I don’t get any more bloating, I don’t suffer any windy side-effects from certain foods, I don’t get constipated (although I do ‘go’  less often, as you’d expect when you’re putting less in) and I feel all skippety-light rather than sluggish and slow.

The weight side effects are a bonus. I’ve noticed my favourite cords are looser than they used to be. In fact, they fit me very much better these days than before. I think I must be about the size I was when I bought them. The downside of this is, I’ll soon have to buy new trousers once these look baggy on me.  Being a pearshape I can’t just pull out the waistband (a la those cheesy “I lost 30lbs with the {insert weightloss gimmick} plan!” images) since most of the extra room in clothes is happening arse-end. My waist (thank goodness!) is staying relatively stable. It means I can’t just slap on a belt and carry on wearing them, not when it looks like I could smuggle illegal immigrants over the border in the arse of my jeans if I wanted to. I hate trouser shopping and I’m not convinced that being a tiny bit thinner is goig to make it any less traumatising.

Eats: 3 milk-tea | 2 green tea | water

Exercise: almost none