143.71 average

That’s quite a drop in weight this morning. Yesterday was pretty easy as a fast day so I think I’m settled back into this. Hopefully I won’t gain too much after today and can start heading to below 140! TO start seeing one hundred and thirty something would be pretty amazing, actually.

Today I was across teh country at a day conference on careers I’m interested in. I know the venue and their food is extremely good quality, so I’m very glad this is a food day.

I got up at 5.30 and had some toast and that filled me up so much I didn’t want anything later. Such is the effect on appetite from fasting the day before. In fact, a guys at next to me on the train and his bacon roll made my stomach turn. The smacky noises he made while eating it didn’t help, either.

Upon arrival we had tea/coffee and   – DANISH PASTRIES (little mini ones) so I had one of those. And then a mini jam douhgnut at midmorning coffees, a tremendous rice and chicken lunch followed by a headspinningly wonderful chcolate torte. I was in heaven. I also had the fresh fruit whenever it was available. (mmh, pineapple!).

It was a long slog home (three hours each way, including a slog across London on the tube) and when I finally put my key in the door home, I was greeted by a smiling (and sexy looking) TSC who had laid on a feast of a curry (with pilau rice, naan bread, sag aloo and poppadums – all made by his very own self – I’m a lucky cow) and opened a very nice bottle of red. I was in Heaven.What a wonderful food day I had. (bit too much cakes, though)

Eats: lots of tea | water| 2 slices toast w/honey| 1 cinnamon whirl | mini doughnut | mini apple danish | fresh fruit | chicken w/rice and vegetables | chocolate torte | granny smith apple | homemade curry w/naan, sag aloo, pilau rice, poppadoms |

Exercise: travel to WU