143.93 average (a mere 0.26 away from my lowest)

Here is an interesting observation. On Physicsdiet I enter my daily weight that morning and also the fat percentage according to my scales. Physicsdiet tracks these figures and averages them out and each week produces a little summary that tells you how much lower (or higher) your average is compared to last week’s average. Using the fat percentage it can also separate out your lean mass gain/loss and your fat mass gain/loss. As you lose weight, some of the weightloss will be lean mass (skin, muscle, water, the stuff your stomach is made of, the stuff your intestines are made off and what have you) and hopefully a greater amount of fat mass is lost, too.  All through this so far, that is what I’ve seen: a massive drop in fat mass and a minimal drop in lean mass.

Now, this week has been different. I’ve gone up in my average weight. This week’s summary says I gained 0.19 lbs in my averages. Bad news, huh? Except broken down between lean and fat, I’ve gained 0.21lbs lean mass and lost 0.2lbs fat mass. That means I lost fat and gained weight!


Yesterday was pretty damned easy for a fast day.  In fact, after an easy fast day, I usually find I have a happy food day, too.  I’ve had a small breakfast (1 slice of toast and a cup of tea) and feel great. Not at all ravenous but know I can have a bowl of cereal or something if I want to. I might later, because I miss eating cereal covered in nice, cold milk. That’s definitely a case of eating for pleasure rather than for hunger but hey, I like muesli and it’s not like it’s bad for me.

I think the euphoria has kicked in again. I got into work, had a shower, did about 24 push ups (the last three were a real killer) and felt psyched. Realy buzzing.  Despite having this down in the doldrums feeling from my assignment looming I also (suddenly) feel empowered and strong and energised.  Yay for euphoria! The best side effect of fasting.

Eats: 3 milk tea| water | 1 toast w/honey | 3 biscuits | 1 orange | 1 creme egg | 1 large salad w/mackerel | grilled fish and asparagus | 2 apple pancakes | biscuits

Exercise: commute in(easy), commute home, easy

weather’s a bit chilly and gloomy, but relatively mild