144.02 average

I’ve put in aaaalllll my previous weighs (going back to April 2007!) and of course that’s affected my average (it’s bumped it up a little). Now that I’ve done that, my lowest weight to beat is 143.67lbs. Once I get my average below that, I can start adding ‘lowest weight’ tag to my post. For now, I’m just reclaiming ground I lost from not fasting on fast days.

This morning saw a hefty drop. That’s good. It means that, as expected most of the gain yesterday was water (which means, of course, that most of the drop today is also water). But still. It’s nice to see the weight-numbers are quickly reversible. Responsive to what I do. In the past it always seemed so beyond my control. Whatever I did, I weighed the same.

Yesterday was a pretty easy Fast Day. I felt very little hunger, although I did find myself looking forward to brekkers by the time bedtime came around. Still, I felt fine all day. Good. I needed an easy day to remind myself this isn’t torture (if it’s too unpleasant, I’m not going to be able  -or indeed want- to sustain this for the rest of my life).

I had some of the bread I’d made. Because of the alternate day fasting schedule, I rarely get to eat the freshly made bread. I tend to get some once it’s a few days old. It’s just because of when we make it, but the TSC eats about 90% of the bread we make and the chances of me getting to have some while it’s fresh (soft inside, crusty outside) are slim. Sometimes I don’t get to have even a single slice, cos TSC eats the whole lot!

I very much like toast, so to have some of the loaf I made was nice. I also had muesli at work (I really like muesli, too) but it makes me drowsy. I always forget how drowsy I get when I eat oats!

As soon as I got in from work yesterday, I got out of my cycling gear and into my running gear. We went for a run around the park and I got very tired about 5 minutes into the run. I didn’t know if I could do a whole loop, but by halfway around the endorphins had kicked in and I enjoyed it. Not as much as when we run along the seafront, but enjoyable nonetheless. Part of the tougnness was compounded by the hefty wind against us during an uphill part of the run. It felt considerably easier when we had a tailwind on the downhill part. I felt like I could fly if I’d wanted to.

I’m getting that craving for fresh foods again. Crunchy vegetables like cucumber, broccoli – asparagus season is starting again! yay!  I’m also permanently feeling cold. My hands are usually like ice. When I’ve been fasting, I find it very difficult to warm up once I go to bed, too. I’m lying under a cosy duvet but covered in goosebumps. I’ve suffered from unusual coldness for about 4 years now so it’s nothing new, but fasting makes it worse.

I was extremely hungry today and had eaten my lunch before 11am, and that’s despite having a big bowl of muesli at about 9ish. I had a plate of salad at 2.30 and then ate sweets in the afternoon (this is very bad. I ate far too many sweets and now feel blegh! as a result. Serves me right)

Looking forward to the spagbol for dinner tonight. I think I need some protein. I’ll also be glad to fast tomorrow. I’m sure with the amount I’ve eaten today I’ll see some high numbers on the scales. Fasting always makes that feel less bad, as I’m aware that I’m doing something about it. Empowering, in a way.

Eats: 5 milk-tea | 1 toast w/honey | 1 bowl muesli| 3 slices homemade pizza | 1 plate of salad | polo mints | jelly sweets | spaghetti bolognaise | fresh pineapple| 1 glass red wine

Exercise: commute in with headwind (oof!) | commute home with a tailwind (wee!)

(windy, cloudy day, a tad chilly at 13C)