143.39 average (what it was last Sunday)

God knows how, but I made it through yesterday. That was a pretty tough day. I was really hungry from about 3pm until bedtime. At bedtime I was fantasising about food but it was important for me to stand my ground and not eat until today, just to prove to myself I really could do it.

Yesterday, I felt very bloaty and pudgey and not at all liking how my body felt but one fast day later and I feel fab again. I had put the bread machine on to make a light rye bread with sunflower seeds and at 7am sharp it was time to take the bread out. I went downstairs in the nude to do this and returned with a cup of tea for me and TSC. I felt that lightness and lean-ness again. It’s kinda mad considering I won’t actually be any thinner a mere one day after fasting but somehow it removes that bloaty, doughy-ness that I hate so much. So hurrah for sticking it out.

We went for a run (before breakfast) so after 36 hours of fasting I managed to run but only about 2 miles (into a headwind! jeez!) and came home to feast on my homemade bread.

I was very pleased to see my weight drop a considerable amount (even though I know most if not ALL of that is actually water that had been stored with the glycogen I was using up yesterday) but it means I might stay below 145 after my food day today when I weigh tomorrow morning. I want to start losing weight again. It was nice to have a week off fasting but I really don’t like the bloat and pudginess that comes with that. I prefer how I feel now,even though yesterday was such a struggle. (It really was)

Eats: 3 rye bread w/honey | blueberry yoghurt | 1/2 cheese/coleslaw sandwich | 1/2 toast w/boursin | 1 milk-tea | 1 green tea | toad in the hole w/veggies.

Exercise: run before brekkers (about 2 miles) cycle to supermarket for grocery shopping