143.52 average (another gain)

Well, I’ve not had a proper fast day since 5 days ago so it’s not surprising that my weight has been creeping upwards slowly. I do feel somewhat disappointed with myself at the apparent lack of self control but I don’t think there is anything to gain by dwelling on that. My job now is to get back into the swing of things again.  To be honest, taking a break from ADF once a month might not be a bad idea anyway. It gives myself a bit of a break now and then, stimulates the metabolism etc.

However, having eaten some sort of meal every day has taken away the euphoric feeling and has also resulted in some bloating and a bit of wind – and I’m not talking about the weather, either.  I think I preferred how my body felt when I was giving it a regular day off, even if that meant going without food all day. I had lightness and no bloating.

Anyway, today is to be a regular, normal fast day and I am very glad it is, because all that eating has made me feel not quite 100%.  I think I need this day off food and it’ll reassure me that I can still do this.

I do seem to go through rather hungry phases at 11am, 3pm and 5pm. Fortunately they are predictable and temporary.  At 3pm I felt rather weak and queasy. This has not been as easy a fast day as I’ve had in the past. I suppose that is to be expected, having had a bit of a break from the fasting. I’ve been feeling cold (this morning), tired (this afternoon) and hungry (this afternoon and evening). Cycling home was a struggle as I felt utterly wiped out. Still, there wa sa guy ahead of me standing on his pedals on the hill home and I overtake him (yeah!) . He was obviously put out by being overtakne by me cos he speeded up and stayed close behind me (I could hear his bike squeaking)  which just made me push myself harder (once you’ve overtaken someone, you kinda have to stand by that decision and not slow up). So I was about ready to die by the time I reached the top of the hill. It’s more or less all downhill to the front door though, so I could recover.

All evening, I was feeling weak and hungry. I had a hot bath to take away the chill and make me feel better. It did work but I still went to bed obsessing about food (I actually went through the alphabet and imagined I was eating the foods that sprang to mind. Crispy, green Apples, fresh Bagels, warm Cinnamon Rolls, ripe Damsons, Eclairs, Filo parcels, Gouda cheese, Hazelnut chocolate… I’ve never looked forward to a food day so much. I’ve never wished for a day to be over, either. Not ideal but hopefully it won’t always be this hard.

Eats: 6 milk-tea |  water|

Exercise: commute in with tailwind (gloomy weather), commute home (headwind – struggle but forced myself up that hill)