143.36 average (no change)

yesterday  – what a disaster. I got to 3pm without food and cracked. I couldn’t stand it, so I had a piece of chocolate, then some sweets and at home I had salad with tempeh and bubble and squeak with TSC and some trifle!! I gobbled it all up like it was a Food Day.

Why did I crack? Why?!? was it because I don’t have tremendous history of weightloss this week to keep me on track and motivated? hmm maybe but I’ve managed before It’s true it’s harder when you feel you’ve got nothing to lose by having that food, but I have managed before.  I’ve managed to fast on days harder than this.

Was it the cocoa butter body lotion I had used that morning for the first time? (it made me smell of chocolate). I was walking about with a waft of chocolate wherever I went. How could I NOT crack?!?!?  I’m going to have to limit using cocoa butter body lotion for my Food Days only.  Non-food smelling lotions only on Fast Days.

So because of my failure yesterday (that is what it feels like it was) I feel very grumpy today. I feel disappointed in myself. I had been doing so well. I’m tempted to fast today (as punishment?) but decided against it. Relax! It’s just a day. Keep going. Enjoy the Food Day today and fast tomorrow. Grand scheme of things, one day out isn’t going to sabotage the whole project. I am sure the health-effects of fasting are not wiped out by one fast day missed.

So today, I just enjoy my Food Day and get back to routine tomorrow.

Eats: 4 milk tea | 1 bowl muesli w/semi-skimmed milk | 1 banana | 1 orange | 1 sandwich | 1 doubledecker | 2 biscuits | shortbread | 1 banana flavoured milk | tic tacs | 4  scones |

Exercise: commute in with sunshine, hilly commute home via Lonon Road (enjoyed v much)