143.27 average – losing again. This week has seen a 1.5lb loss in average weight or a 2.4lbs loss of actual weight (although it’s better to go by average – actual fluctuates too much)

Well, despite not being in the mood for a fast day yesterday, I saw it through. Good job it’s only one day at a time. I couldn’t do a diet every single day. I’d crack! I can’t stand the thought of some foods being off-limits. No one can eat ‘healthily’ every day of their lives. There should always be room in life for cake. Not a LOT of a cake, but some.

Today both TSC and I can feel the effects of yesterday’s run. I was surprised we did almost 5k just like that, no training, nothing. Just did it. We stopped at 4.6 km only because we had to stop at the supermarket, not because we were too tired. I could easily have gone on.

Still, while our heart and lungs may be more than capable of handling the effort, our legs are not used to it and my buttocks and thighs can really feel it today. I used to get this sort of soreness after cycling 50 miles but I don’t any more. It’s amazing at how well the body can adapt itself. If we run more regularly I can start improving the running hardware, too.

Eats: 3  milk tea | 1 vanilla latte | 1 green tea | blueberry yoghurt | 3 chipolatas | 1/2 slice toast w/butter | 1/2 cheese and coleslaw sandwich | 1 apple | 1 banana | gyros w/tzatziki and rice and a greek salad | white choc trifle (generous portion)

exercise: long walk into town, ambling around shops and walk home (about 3 hours)