143.37 average (still losing)

For some reason, I decided to have dinner with TSC last night (a Fast Day). It was only some noodles with prawns and broccoli but it still showed itself on the scales this morning. I was higher than the day before. Disaster! (except not really. I can’t have actually gained weight as such, it’s just that I’m not low on water and glycogen from having fasted. Also, the salty soy sauce will mean I’m holding water there, too.

Today is a food day and we had friends over, so it was a big meal with roast lamb, roast potatoes, yorkshire puds. A trifle for pud, some cake in the evening, cheese and crackers instead of dinner. That means I’ll see my weight go up AGAIN tomorrow. That had better not dishearten me, even though I know it’s no disaster in the scheme of things, but it will probably mean I go above my physicsdiet average weight and will be creating a pink peak rather than a green one. Oh well, I’ll start back to normal right afterwards. No biggie.

Eats: 3 milk tea | 1 bowl muesli | roast lamb w/roast potatoes, veg, yorkshires | white choc trifle | victoria sponge cake | cheese and crackers | 2 glasses red wine

Exercise: walk to seafront and back, slow pace