We had a tailwind yesterday so getting there was no effort at all. In fact, we couldn’t believe how soon we were there.

We pitched the tent and cooked dinner. My first meal of the day. I felt normal. I wasn’t as hungry or as tired as I’d expected. I half-wished I could just skip dinner but I knew the walk today would be harder if I did that.

the walk was also much shorter than both of us remembered.

Eats: 2 milk-tea | water | 2 cranberry juice | 2 sausages | 2 rashers bacon | 1/2 tin of beans | 1 1/2 apples | small bag of peanuts | 1/2  bar chocolate | tortelloni w/ sun-dried tomatoes, olives and cheddar cheese | 1/4 bottle of red wine | 1/2 pint cider

Exercise: 4 hours walking