145.17 average

Well, my average weight is still falling but my daily actual weight isn’t falling quite as fast, so it’s only a matter of time before the two numbers meet.

Most of yesterday went very well, but I went to bed feeling very hungry and had difficulty sleeping. It didn’t help that the TSC had gone out for a meeting held at a pub in town and was still not back late into the night, so I was worried about his safety. He cycled there but with a headtorch instead of a front light and no hi-viz jacket so the fact that he was still not home late into the night (the meeting would only have been an hour, I’d have thought), so I could not sleep. Being hungry certainly did not help.  It’s unusual for me to be so hungry, so I must make sure to eat plenty today. As it turned out, he met up with a friend in the pub and that was why he was home so late.

This morning I woke up dog-tired and was very mute. That’s always a sign I’m below par. When I’m not feeling 100% I seem to lose my inclination to speak. I’ve always been like that.

Cycling in to work was quite an effort, too. The headwind was about average and yet I felt it was an effort to keep pushing the pedals. I feel drained today. I guess that’s the end of the euphoria, then. *sigh*.

There is research suggesting that poor sleep makes you fat. Apart from hormonal reasons, I can definitely attest to the fact that when you’re dog-tired and do not have the luxury of being able to take a nap you instead try to make yourself feel more energised by eating energy rich (calorific) foods. I’ve felt exhausted all day and I blame that for why I have apparently tried to eat every calorie in sight. So far I’ve had 3 shortbread biscuits, a pot of yoghurt,  a chocolate bar, some toast, a bag of crisps (deliberate attempt to get salt in) and some polos to try to perk me up . It has worked somewhat but not as well as a good night’s sleep would. I hope

Eats: 4 milk-tea | 375ml water | ½ toast w/almond nut butter | 1 ½ toast w/honey | 3 shortbread biscuits | 1 strawberry yoghurt |1 cadbury caramel | 4 fruit polos | 1 apple | 1 pckt crisps |1 bowl of pasta w/tomato based sauce | 1 lemon sole fillet w/leeks | 1 magnum ice cream

Exercise: commute in was hard, commute home was not