145.34 average

I’m still losing! Crumbs. I keep expecting to plateau but so far so good. I’m interested to see how I’ll deal with a plateau. It’s going to happen. It can last weeks. It’s extremely demoralising. I guess I’ll have to remind myself that I’m doing this for life anyway so just go with it and let it happen as it happens. I shouldn’t do this for the positive feedback in the what the scales say (blunt instrument, after all)

I’ve started to notice my clothes are slightly looser than usual around the thighs. It’s only a little bit, and could easily be the wear and tear stretch you get (and then they shrink back to normal after one round in the washing machine), so I’m not giving the clothes-feel too much credence. I don’t get the tape measure out until 1st May but I really hope I see some positive (or should that be negative?) change there.

I’m still very much enjoying my time on this eating pattern, I have to admit. It’s perfect for the likes of me. I find going without food for hours at a stretch to be no problem at all. I’ve never been one for regular meals when left to my own devices, anyway. My appetite just isn’t geared up for breakfast, lunch and dinner, day in day out.  Whenever I have lived on regular meals, my weight goes up. I just don’t think I’m designed to eat by the clock. Other people may be different so I don’t think this eating pattern would suit everyone, but I know it suits me.

It is quite astounding that I can eat whatever I like and still continue to lose weight as I’m doing. At this rate, I don’t ever have to think about calories again (unless I start going overboard on my food days, I guess).

Eats: 3 milk-tea | 1 milk coffee| 1 black tea | 1 green tea | 375ml water

exercise: regular commute in gorgeous spring weather