145.4 average

Wowsers. Another big drop. I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep staying below the average. I’m bound to go in the pink pretty soon. To stay in the green, I have to weigh less than 145.4lbs tomorrow morning. I’m not sure that’s going to be likely, since I’ve piggishly eaten about two rounds of veggie sandwiches (approximately double my usual lunch) a homemade beef pie (TSC made the pastry and I made the sauce) and then a round of pudding, which was some chocolate cake that needed eating up (it was a little on the dry side by now).

The euphoric effect is lasting quite a while. Let’s hope I still feel buoyed tomorrow to help me through a fast day.

Eats: 3 milk tea | 1 milk coffee | 750ml water |  1 milk | 1/2 slice toast w/honey | 1/2 slice toast w/ almond butter | 2 biscuits | 1 mini cherry lollipop | 7 or 8 quarters of veggie sandwiches | loads of fruit | beef pie w/potatoes| chocolate cake |

exercise: commute in the spring sunshine