145.71 average

While we were out on our walk yesterday, TSC suggested we get some chocolate bars for on the way. I wasn’t keen. I seem to have lost my taste for it (!!!). Instead, when we got the pub where we were going to have lunch I spotted asparagus on the menu and wanted that with a passion. Lovely, crunchy, juicy asparagus. I had a duck salad (that had far too much dressing) and a taste of his burger. I’m beginning to find my taste for some foods is heightened and for others my taste preferences are decreasing.  I’m moving away from gloopy rich things (like mayonnaise and many desserts) and am preferring fresh, snappy foods like crunchy vegetables, granny smith apples. I prefer plain yoghurt to flavoured, I don’t much fancy chocolate (too rich) and didn’t get all giddy about the yorkshire puds (like I normally would).  This might be a temporary effect but my tastes are very much veering toward fresh foods, unprocessed foods and ones that are relatively unadulterated (so not fiddled about with, pureed, mixed, grilled or generally made into something too much). I can’t figure out why that would be. It’s not any kind of health concern – I don’t consider pureed tomatoes made into a sauce to be unhealthier than whole raw tomatoes. Either way you are getting tomatoes into your system and yet I know which I’d rather have.  It might be that now my real food preferences are coming out, and I never really realised I didn’t much like gloopy mayonnaise or rich chocolate before. Maybe my palate is changing to prefer less salty foods (radically changed foods usually involve having salt added). I really can’t figure it out but simple food really does seem more appealing than food that’s been fiddled with.

At work this morning, a dark chocolate easter bunny (or rather the remains of) were shared out. For sociable reasons I had the tiniest fragment. Dark chocolate is very nice but I don’t want any more (again, surprisingly).

During the afternoon I noticed I have got that euphoria again. I feel wonderful both physically and mentally. Mentally I feel very empowered and alert. I feel I am within myself, rather than floundering around in the world. I feel good about myself. The good weather must be a part of that. Physically I also feel terrific: I feel light and energised. I feel clear and wonderfully unencumbered. I’m not so weighed down (I don’t mean body weight, I just feel like I have a spring in my step more). I feel like I’ve gone from being a pint of heavy guinness to a sparkling elderflower cordial.  Is that the spring weather or the fasting? I don’t know but it’s pretty nice. I hope it lasts.

At midday we were told that food had been over-ordered for a meeting held in our building. This meant there were trays and trays of vegetarian sandwiches (hummus, falafel, cream cheese and peppers, cheddar and pickle etc etc)  and freshly cut fruit (pineapple, oranges, nectarines, passion fruit, kiwi, grapes etc)  on offer for all but of course, I’m fasting today. Boo!

But all is not lost:  I took along a tupperware, filled it up with fruit and some veggie sandwiches and put it in the fridge to have for lunch tomorrow.  Sorted.

It’s almost 4pm now and I think today has to be one of the easiest fast days I’ve had so far. I haven’t felt hungry at all today and feel pretty chipper and alert. I can feel in my stomach that I haven’t eaten but other than that I wouldn’t know I’d not eaten anything some 20 hours ago (excluding the chocolate)

Eats: 2 milk-tea | 750ml water | 1 black tea | 2 green tea | tiny fragment of chocolate (<5 grams)

exercise: 12 mile commute, light headwind home