146.05 average

I’m still losing weight, amazingly. I didn’t eat very sensibly last night but I still managed to stay under the average this morning, so my average weight continues to drop. As my average gets lower and lower, the more likely it becomes that my post-food day weight will slip above it)

Today I was a little concerned, as I had an all-day study event, part of my Psychology course, in a town about 20 miles away. I’m fasting but how will I manage to concentrate with no food? How antisocial is it going to be to not eat with everyone during the lunch break?

As it happened, no one noticed that I wasn’t eating anything so I needn’t have worried about that. Everyone was busy talking about the topics we were there to learn about, so the lunch hour was still lively and sociable without involving food.

As to the concentration, I didn’t find that a problem, either. I didn’t feel at all hungry and my mind didn’t find it any harder to focus than I normally get at these things (the first 45 minutes are ok and then I start having thoughts flying off away somewhere).

But it’s not been an easy day, nonetheless. At about noon I felt extremely nauseous. We were in the computer lab and despite not being allowed to take food or drink in, I had to keep taking sips from my water bottle because I was feeling just too rough. That’s twice now I’ve had very bad nausea at about the same time (11am-noon). It can’t be morning sickness as I’ve just completed a period.

The second trouble came at about 1.30 when I developed quite a headache. I don’t normally suffer from headaches but this one was a strong one. I wondered whether it might be a caffeine headache, as I’d only had water so far at the time. The headache wasn’t going anywhere, so by 4pm I’d had enough and took 2 ibuprofen and washed them down with a coffee (from a machine – I’m no coffee connoisseur, but this was  the worst coffee I’ve ever tasted in my life). It seems to have done the trick. Except now I don’t know whether the headache is gone because of the ibuprofen or because of the caffeine.

As to hunger, I’ve not felt any hunger at all today. I drank water all morning, had a coffee in the afternoon and a cup of tea just now. No hunger whatsoever. So today has been an easy day but with difficulties.

I’ve decided to create tags for ways of categorising how my days have gone or emotions I’ve felt as I’ve gone along. The relative sizes of the words in my tag cloud should give an indication of the overall experience. Today I feel has been easy (no hunger) but also difficult (nausea and headaches made me consider breaking my fast).

Eats: 1l water | 1 very bad coffee w/milk | 1 milk-tea | 1 green tea

Exercise: negligible (train journey to college with walk to/from station, through a nice park, though)