chartashx1146.56 average

the average weight I put in each post is according to a site I use called Weight fluctuates a lot. Up a bit, down a bit, up a bit. With all that fluctuation it’s very hard to tell whether you’re actually losing or not.

What physicsdiet does is it works out the average of all your weight measurements. This creates a trend line that moves down when you’re below average and up when you’re above average. If you just keep an eye on the smoothed averages, it removes the ‘noise’ and allows you to see the trend.

At the moment, my trend is still downwards. Today’s 146lbs is below the average of 146.56 so it’s dragging the average weight lower, even though it’s a higher number than yesterday’s 144.4 lbs. I gained weight today but overall I’m still losing. This tool is particularly useful since fasting makes your weight bounce around a lot – the weight after a food day is you plus your dinner, so it’s too high. The weight after a fast day is you minus the glycogen (sugars) in your muscles. One part glycogen needs three parts water, so that’s a lot of water you’re temporarily not carrying, so it’s too low. Neither weight gives you an accurate number of  your weight so I go by my average is a rule of thumb.

If I didn’t use physicsdiet, I would probably think myself on a plateau but I’d be wrong. Although my weight is bouncing between 144 and 147, I’ve been staying consistently below average each day so I’m losing according to the bigger picture. Below is my chart. The important thing is to stay in th green (below average) to keep the blue trend line moving downwards.

For the first part of the chart I was having up days (ad lib eating) and down days (below 500 calories), then I went through a period of failed down days and ate normally (the pink areas) and then started this. It’s easy to see when that happened.


I felt a bit queasy at about 11. Not sure why. I have had bouts of nausea before (a few months ago) which I put down to side effects of the contraceptive pill, but it can’t be that, as it’s a pill-free week this week.  Perhaps the fish supper (or mint choc chip ice cream) isn’t agreeing with me.

By 1pm my stomach was making some distant thunder type noises. I didn’t feel all that hungry but my stomach seemed to disagree.  If it were a food day, I’d have gone to grab something to eat. It being a fast day, I grab another cup of tea with a bit of milk.

By 3pm I was losing my ability concentrate at work. Mind you, that can happen whether I’ve fasted or not. I didn’t sleep particularly well last night, so that probably has something to do with it.

I wasn’t much looking forward to the cycle ride home but as it turned out I felt great. I got home feeling very refreshed.

So far, today has been less pleasant a fast than all the previous ones. I knew I’d get a tough day eventually. I had a hot bath to take the edge off my below par feeling, but I stuck out the fasting.

Eats: 4 milk-tea | 1 black tea | 1.5l water

Exercise: normal commute