146.6 average

I was cold yesterday evening. We had the heating on and I was still cold. That is a negative side effect of the fasting I’d forgotten about. Mind you,  I always feel the cold, regardless of whether I’m fasting or not. I’m known for it at work. Fasting just makes it worse. TSC made himself some pasta with tuna for dinner. I was pretty famished by 8pmI have to admit but I was also dog tired. We went to be at 9 and I fell asleep in an instant.

Next morning TSC had made two slices of toast with honey for me. I could barely finish the second slice. I was going to give up half way through but forced it down me. What a mistake! I got on my bike to cycle to work and felt like I had a full roast dinner inside me! It didn’t help that I was cycling into a head wind all the way,either. Oof!

I remember when I was in Indonesia, and in-laws kept remarking “lho, kok tambah kurus?” (hey, how come you’re getting skinnier?). I took no notice ( I didn’t think I was tambah kurus) but I’d eat tiny tiny portions of food. One tablespoon of curry,  a few tablespoons of rice. Not deliberately, I just couldn’t manage large portions. I remember Ibu Ija being concerned that I didn’t like Indonesian food. How wrong! Her curries were out of this world! And I loved Rendang. Rarely did I find foods I didn’t like, I just couldn’t eat very much in one go. I guess this is happening again. I mustn’t let that stop me eating on my Food Days, though. I don’t want to be too kurus again. This is going to take a little bit of getting used to.

At lunchtime I felt a little bit light headed so thought it best I go get some food. I was going to have a sandwich but the salad bar caught my eye and I was drawn to it. There is some terrific food on offer there. It’s not just yer lettuce, cucumber and tomato rubbish. There was roasted mixed vegetables (butternut squash, aubergine, onion), potatoes in coarse grain mustard mayo, pasta bows in a sweet sauce, beans and olives, rocket, mixed rice, beansprouts and veggies, beetroot with orange, mixed peppers, mixed beans etc etc etc.  So I piled it high and for £2 got what Germans would call a Vitaminbombe.  I made sure it included protein (beans, tuna) and carbohydrates (rice, pasta and spuds) and lots of coloruful salady vegetables. It sounds strange to say this about a salad but it totally hit the spot.

I debated whether to treat myself to a chocolate bar afterwards but I was actually too full. I felt replete and also thought: ‘ save it for when you really really want one’. That made me feel very virtuous (for about 5 minutes). In the past I would have just had one,  but today I noticed I really didn’t fancy one enough. It’s not self-denial – that’s for fast days. If I’d wanted one I would have had one but I thought it better to save it until I’d enjoy it more.  I also had an apple and a plum (I didn’t have room for these, either but I’m not going to let a Food Day pass without some fruit).

TSC and I cycled home via the seafront so I could use my new bell to frighten the pedestrians. He suggested we stop off for ice cream at the parlour on the way. Mint choc chip for me, choc choc chip for him.

And, since we have nothing at home to cook up for dinner we decided to have fish & chips. We so rarely have it (We’ve had fish and chips about 4 times in as many years) so why not. I’d forgotten how filling a fish supper is. It’s impossible to finish one. I had a small cod and chips. I managed all the fish but was beaten by the chips.

Eats: | 2 milk-tea | 1 milk-coffee | 1.5l water | 2 toast w/honey | 1 mini creme egg |1 plate of salad bar yumminess | 1 plum | 1 apple | 1 mint choc chip ice cream | 1 fish supper

Exercise: normal commute although a 14mph headwind into work, light tailwind home via seafront with my new bell “brrring brrring”