146.67 average

I made a lemon cake and a banana cake and mum, grandma, tree_fella, BigSid and BigSis’s boyfriend came over for tea and cake. Then we went out for a Thai meal. BigSis was pleased to learn she’s about a stone lighter than me. I am about 10 stone 5 and she is 9 stone 4. She looked very pleased to hear that. I found myself not really minding that difference. (in the past I would have been envious).

I did notice BigSis had gained a little weight. I didn’t mention it. Not out of politeness but because I think she’d misunderstand me. I always see a weight gain as being good for her (she loses weight when she’s at her emotionally low points).While I see it as a positive sign for her, she would be horrified. Her frame can tolerate a few extra pounds without looking large, anyway. This is another reason not to mind her knowing she is 1 stone lighter than me: it’ll make her feel a whole lot better about herself.

Although, speaking of low points, I noticed they were being a bit competitive with one another, one-upmanship. I guess that is understandable, given the current dynamic of their relationship. I’m not sure they’re in a good place at the moment. Unfortunately it made TSC and me a bit smug that we’ve got such a nauseatingly functional relationship. We shouldn’t be so smug. Relationships hit rocky patches very easily and very quickly. Complacency is not a good thing. I hope we will always be able to weather the storms. We’ve already established that we love one another beyond any way that is rational. I know I do, and hope he is right when he says he does. I notice he tends to hold me responsible for the good things in our relationship. If we’re amicable with disagreements it’s because it is my nature to be so. Or if we have a good time when we’re out, it’s because I’m the kinda gal who is [insert adjective of choice]. That can’t be right. It must be working because we’re both of a certain type that work well together.

I notice we are both very easy-going and will go along with most things. When we don’t want to, we’ll push against it. Both of us easily give in when pushed against. This means you only need to put up a weak fight if you feel it’s important. The other person will be allowed free reign unless and until it becomes important to the other for them not to. It’s perfect. A slight push back is all it takes so you always feel heard. The other one, feeling resistance, will back off. The problem would occur when BOTH feel it is important and push against each other. We might get there, yet.

Eats: 4 milk-tea, 1 fruit tea | 1 slice toast w/honey and 1 pecan plait | 2 praline sandies | 2 slices bread, 1 dice sized lump of cheddar cheese | 2 slices banana cake | 1 slice of lemon cake | large Thai meal | ½ bottle of red wine

Exercise: cycle ride to Co-op, Then later to Seven Dials and then to Blatchington Rd