146.92 average

One of these days I’m going to wake up on a fast day and think “damn, I don’t want to fast today” but it’s not happened yet. This morning I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for another food-free day. It helps, of course, that I don’t feel hungry in the mornings. Not feeling hungry makes a day of not-eating a lot less daunting a thought. I also feel liberated by not having to plan a down day meal like I used to. I’d have to think, “now what can I have that is under 500 calories, hmm? What is going to fill me up without blowing my down day”? By doing a total fast where I drink only water or tea, I don’t have to think about it at all. I need never count another calorie in my life!

I remembered the pecan slice this morning. Oops, forgot about it. I’ll have it tomorrow. An Easter Monday treat.

I made some praline sandies (biscuits) covered with icing sugar. It being a fast day, I can’t even try one to see if they turned out ok. I fed one to TSC, instead. I could have one, of course. A fast day is not an out and out ban, but there is no rush and I can try one tomorrow, which is when they will be served up, anyway (Mum and Grandma are coming over for tea and cake).

The good thing is, I can resist the temptation and that gives me a morale boost.

Eats: 2 green tea | 2 milk-tea | 1 black tea | 1 fruit tea

Exercise: short walk to Homebase