(146.93 average)

A new lowest weight for this month.I went to collect my parcel from the post office. It was the chocolate moulds and tachyon handlebar mount. Where is the thermometer?! I nipped into Tesco to buy butter for our toast and some chocolate for experimenting (I didn’t know I hadn’t collected the thermometer). I was going to buy some croissants too but instead picked up some pecan slices.

We cycled into town to get some bicycle bits and a new base layer for TSC. We had a big lunch at Yo! Sushi (pricey but an interesting and delicious experience) and held our bellies as we cycled home. I had the tachyon handlebar mount on but the camera shake is just unbearable. I think it will have to be a helmet-mount, after all.

I was stuffed from the Japanese food until about 4. We watched Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood (what a hoot! We took the piss out of it. Robin is just such a twat in the film. Cocky, arrogant, enjoys humour at the expense of others. I sympathised with Prince John and his gang)!

We had our pizzas. I ate a lot and went to bed with what must be heartburn. Serves me right, after adding sticky toffee pudding to the feast (after a couple of games of cribbage).

What a good Food day it was, though.

Eats: 3 milk tea | 1 fruit tea | 1 glass milk | 1 red wine | 1 slice toast w/honey | BIG sushi lunch | ½ portion chocolate torte | homemade pizza (7 pieces?)| sticky toffee pudding w/toffee sauce and dbl cream

Exercise: cycle ride into and around town