147.8 average.

Back in the saddle. I didn’t eat a bean all day. The only thing I had was two milky coffees and two teas with milk, a green tea and some water. I’m probably my heaviest so far this year (ulp!). I do not want to go any higher. Still, I’ve not been hungry all day. I considered eating a bit of tuna, but thought: “naaah, not hungry enough. Why bother?”. I opened the biscuit barrell at work and was not tempted. Just as well. It won’t always be this easy.

I’ve emailed TSC to say I won’t want dinner tonight. Yep, that’s how not-hungry I am right now. I might feel differently once I put the key in the door and it triggers the “you’re home now. Time to eat!” message in my brain.

Also, I’m writing (or failing to) a 2000 word essay on individual-society dualism as seen from the social psychoanalytic and phenomenological perspectve. Horrid horrid horrid. Fair to say, it’s stressing me. What with being due the day after tomorrow!!!

When I did get home, I did get the “prepare some food” signals but not eating anythign at all is considerably easier than eating a little bit. TSC isn’t home yet, so no delicious cooking smells, mind. He might eat in town before heading home (I hope so. I’m not sure I could maintain a foodless day if he started frying up some onions). When the going gets tough (and it will) I am going to have to learn to play some mind games with myself.

Eats: 2 milk-coffee | 2 milk tea | 1 green tea | water

Exercise: usual commute (average 11.8mph, including .8 mph uphill!)